Refund & Return Policy

Manucycle Inc. Refund & Return Policy

1. Scope of Marketplace Role: Manucycle operates as a facilitator in the marketplace, connecting customers with independent vendors. As such, Manucycle does not engage in or bear responsibility for the sales transactions, including but not limited to refunds, returns, or exchanges. All transactions are subject to the policies set forth by individual vendors.

2. Vendor-Customer Transactions: It is the responsibility of the customer to initiate contact with the vendor regarding any issues related to refunds, returns, or exchanges. Manucycle is not involved in the negotiation or execution of such arrangements and does not guarantee any outcomes of these discussions.

3. Vendor Selection and Product Quality: While Manucycle endeavors to include reputable vendors within the marketplace, it does not guarantee the quality, safety, legality, or any other aspect of the products offered. The marketplace’s nature inherently limits Manucycle’s ability to control or verify the authenticity of products and content.

4. Customer Due Diligence: Customers acknowledge the importance of conducting their own research and due diligence prior to completing a purchase. Manucycle advises customers to review vendor policies, product reviews, and other available information to make informed decisions.

5. Dispute Resolution: In the event of a dispute between a customer and a vendor, Manucycle may, at its discretion, facilitate communication in an attempt to resolve the issue. However, Manucycle holds no obligation to resolve such disputes and any involvement does not constitute an assumption of responsibility for the transaction or its outcome.

6. Acceptance of Terms: By engaging in transactions within the Manucycle marketplace, customers and vendors agree to these terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of all parties to review and comply with these terms prior to participating in the marketplace.

Shipping Policy

Responsibility for Shipping: All logistics related to the shipping, including but not limited to freight arrangements and fee determinations, are the sole responsibility of the vendors and customers. Manucycle does not participate in the shipping process nor does it provide shipping services for transactions conducted on the platform. Vendors and customers are required to independently negotiate and agree upon the terms of shipping, including delivery methods, shipping costs, and any other relevant details pertaining to the transportation of purchased items.

Shipping Disputes: Manucycle is not responsible for resolving disputes related to shipping. Any issues arising from shipping arrangements, including delays, damages, or loss, are to be directly addressed between the customer and the vendor.

Acknowledgment of Shipping Terms: By participating in transactions within the Manucycle marketplace, both vendors and customers acknowledge and agree to these shipping terms. It is incumbent upon all parties to review and understand these terms prior to engaging in sales transactions.

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